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Published April 20, 2021 on Florida Politics. Read the full article here.

Time runs out on vacation rentals fight

Here’s a great article that reveals the hypocrisy behind these Vacation Rental bills. Note the contradictory statements from the bill’s co-sponsor, Sabatini:


Time runs out on vacation rentals fight.

A legislative fight over further restricting local governments’ ability to regulate vacation rental properties appears to have withered, after a key Senate committee ran out of time Tuesday before taking up the issue.

Wrangling about oversight of short-term rentals has escalated in the Republican-controlled Legislature as the popularity of properties advertised on platforms such as Airbnb has mushroomed.

But, with time running out on the 2021 Legislative Session, Senate Rules Chairwoman Kathleen Passidomo announced Tuesday that the Senate proposal (SB 522) would be postponed. The committee is not slated to meet again before the Session ends April 30.

Passidomo has worked behind the scenes on the Senate proposal, which has undergone major revisions since it was filed in January by Sen. Manny Diaz Jr., a Hialeah Republican.

Listing bills her committee would not consider at the end of Tuesday’s meeting, Passidomo noted she “would love to hear” the vacation-rentals bill “since I worked all Session on it.”

The House version of the bill (HB 219) also did not make it out of committees.

At the heart of the debate is an effort to “preempt” regulation of short-term rental properties to the state, an idea that has drawn vehement opposition from city and county officials because it would take away local authority.

Diaz’s original proposal would have required online platforms to collect and remit taxes on vacation rental properties, something the platforms have not been required to do in the past. The measure also included a requirement for platforms to ensure that only properly licensed rentals are advertised and provide the state with specific information about the rentals.

Read the full article here.

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