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House Ways & Means Committee

Meeting Date TBD

The Ways & Means Committee Meeting is the second of 3 chances to kill or amend HB 219 before it goes to the House floor for a vote. We need a majority of members to vote “No” to unregulated Vacation Rentals – and we need your help!

The effect of this bill on our neighborhoods is being seriously understated by the sponsors. Representatives need to hear from us about the devastating effect Daily Vacation Rentals will have on our communities!

The meeting video and recap will be posted here after broadcast.

Meeting video will be posted once available.

Ways & Means

Please contact all of the following representatives and ask them to oppose HB 219. You can find contact information when you roll over each image and sample emails at the bottom of this page. Courteous and personalized communication is usually most effective. If you are short on time, you can email all of the members with one email by using the buttons at bottom of this page.

If your district’s representative is listed on this page, please send them a personalized email and tell them early in your email that you live in their district! Emails from constituents are less likely to be ignored. Please remember to include your home address at the end of your email, to ensure it is counted. We are seeing Airbnb forums urging people to contact our reps from all over the US in support of this bill - we need our reps to know their own constituents oppose it. Thank you!

Bobby Payne (R)

Ways & Means Committee, Chair | District 19 | Bradford, Putnam, Union and part of Clay

Ardian Zika (R)

Vice Chair | District 37 | Part of Pasco County

Anna V. Eskamani (D)

Democratic Ranking Member | District 47 | Part of Orange County

Thad Altman (R)

District 52 | Part of Brevard County

Michael A. “Mike” Caruso (R)

District 89 | Part of Palm Beach County

Joseph A. “Joe” Casello (D)

District 90 | Part of Palm Beach County

Charles Wesley “Chuck” Clemons, Sr. (R)

District 21 | Dixie, Gilchrist and part of Alachua County

Nick DiCeglie (R)

District 66 | Part of Pinellas COunty

Wyman Duggan (R) 

District 15 | Part of Duval

Michael Greico (D)

District 113 | Part of Miami-Dade County

Diane “Ms Dee” Hart (D) 

District 61 | Part of Hillsborough County

Sam H. Killebrew (R)

District 41 | Part of Polk County

Randall Scott “Randy” Maggard (R)

District 38 | Part of Pasco County

Stan McClain (R)

District 23 | Part of Marion County

Anthony Sabatini (R)

District 32 | Part of Lake County

Jason Shoaf (R)

District 7 | Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jefferson, Lafayette, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla and part of Leon Counties

David Silvers (D)

District 87 | Part of Palm Beach County

Emily Slosberg (D) 

District 91 | Part of Palm Beach County

Use the

if you want to email the entire Committee in one email.

Generally individual and personal emails receive a better response. But if you’re short on time, use the button! You can edit the sample email as you see fit. Be sure to add your name and home address at the bottom, to ensure your email is counted! We appreciate your time and effort!

All Other Users

We are unpaid volunteers, so if for any reason these buttons aren’t working, you can click on each House member above to find their contact information. Thank you!

Sample Emails

Here are some email examples – please use them as a guide and edit as you see fit! Personalized communication is the most effective. Concise emails about how Daily Vacation Rentals will impact your property, your family, and your neighborhood or community may have the greatest impact. Thank you for your time – together we can make an impact!


Please vote against any further consideration of House Bill 219. If passed, this would allow out-of-state investors to convert Florida’s residential neighborhoods to commercial tourist areas. As a residential property owner, this bill threatens my property rights by endangering the peaceful enjoyment of my property.

The proponents of this bill say that local governments are overregulating and unfairly targeting vacation rentals. I just don’t think this is true for my community. The Florida DBPR has been highly ineffective at regulating and enforcing Vacation Rental licensing. Putting DBPR in charge of Vacation Rentals, instead of my local government, is not an effective way to protect my community.

I am not against vacation rentals in my city, but please let my local government determine reasonable regulations to protect the quiet residential neighborhoods where Florida’s taxpaying constituents live. Vacation rentals are not residences. They are businesses. Please return home rule to local government.


Please oppose HB 219.

As a parent, I am concerned about the safety of my children if this bill passes. We bought our home in a quiet residential neighborhood so our kids could enjoy playing outside and walking to school with their friends. If short-term Vacation Rentals move into my neighborhood, it means strangers will be staying in the houses around us, maybe even the house next door.

We know and trust our neighbors. If investors start buying up my neighbor’s homes as Vacation Rentals, our way of life will change completely. I won’t be able to let my kids play outside or walk to school without constant adult supervision. What about my property rights? This bill will change the very fabric of our neighborhood and the entire reason we moved here. Worse yet, where will we move, if this bill affects neighborhoods statewide?

Tourism is important to Florida’s economy. But so are taxpaying residents. There are already plenty of options for tourists to stay in my area. Tourists and Vacation Rental corporations shouldn’t be allowed to take over the residential areas of the people who work, vote, and pay taxes to support our state’s tourism industry.

Please vote no on HB 219. My property rights, my children’s future, and our state’s future depends on it. Thank you.


Please oppose HB 219.

Vacation Rentals are businesses, not residences. I believe Vacation Rentals should be treated just like every other business in our state. HB 219 creates a “special class” of businesses for Vacation Rentals by exempting them from regulation by local governments. HB 219 also says Vacation Rentals must be treated the same as long-term rentals or owner-occupied homes. This creates many unforeseen problems.

If someone hosts a birthday party at their home, there may be 10 cars parked outside once a year for a few hours at a time. A Vacation Rental located nextdoor to that home may have 10 cars parked on the street every single day. This bill takes away the ability of local governments to make a distinction. 10 cars parked on the street are either always allowed or never allowed.

Are Vacation Rentals a special class of business, regulated but not subject to regular inspections (or meaningful enforcement) by the state? Or should Vacation Rentals be treated the same as a residence? As the bill’s sponsor says, he’s “threading a needle.” But you can’t have things both ways.

Most Floridians would object to having a “special class” of business move into the home next door. And most Floridians would object to having a loud and disruptive Vacation Rental business on their street subject to the same local regulations as their own residence.

Please protect the home rule authority granted by our state constitution and oppose HB 219. Counties, cities and communities need local regulations to protect everything we all love about Florida. This bill will have disastrous consequences for our state and its taxpaying residents. Thank you.

of 3 Chances to Kill the Bill in Committee
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