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Published March 1, 2021 on NewsFOX 35 Orlando. By Matt Trezza. Read the full article here.

Florida bill affecting vacation rentals moves through legislature

Here’s a great article that reveals the hypocrisy behind these Vacation Rental bills. Note the contradictory statements from the bill’s co-sponsor, Sabatini:


ORLANDO, Fla. – Listen up if you own or plan to stay at a Florida Airbnb.

SB522, a bill moving through the state legislature, could affect how you do business.

State Representative Anthony Sabatini supports the bill, citing that “property rights are fundamental. We don’t need nanny-state local governments in cities and counties punishing and hurting small property owners who own homes that want to make a second income.”

Currently, the law lets cities and towns have a say in regulating how vacation rentals operate. At its heart, this bill would strip them of that power and give it to the state.

State Senator Linda Stewart said that the bill is a bad idea, telling FOX 35 “I’m not a big fan of interfering with local government and the rules that they put forward.”

Stewart added that cities and towns know best what their citizens want and can put rules in place.

“There are some neighborhoods where it’s perfectly fine and some communities embrace it,” she said. “And there’s others that simply don’t want the extra amount of people coming into their neighborhood and parking their cars, staying up all hours of the night, and things like that.”

“Sabatini said people should be able to do what they liked with their property and if a city wanted to pass laws limiting visitors or noise levels in a community, it cannot single-out vacation rentals.

“If there’s trash being put out, if there’s crimes being committed, they can police all those things. What they really want to police is the idea that they don’t want anyone they don’t know going into a home that’s nearby them, and that’s just ridiculous,” he explained.”

Here’s the problem.

These bills say you can’t treat Vacation Rentals any different than any other residential property. If you want to have a birthday party at your home, you may have 10 cars parked on your street for a few hours once per year. Your neighbors are likely OK with the inconvenience, as it is once per year.
But if a vacation rental moves in next door, they may have 10 cars parked on the street EVERY DAY. This law says you can either have 10 cars all the time, or not at all. Local government cannot discriminate.
The same conundrum applies to noise, trash, crime…..
This is why local control exists, to prevent the types of problems that these bill’s sponsors aren’t even thinking about. It is us, the taxpaying residents, who will be left dealing with the fallout if these bills pass.


Watch the video or read the full article here.

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