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Published May 15, 2021 in the Sun Sentinel. Read the  full article here .

Five of the worst bills deserve a four-letter word: V-E-T-O | Editorial

A most unsettling proposition: Gov. Ron DeSantis is the only person who can protect Floridians from the worst consequences of the legislative session. But, that’s where we are.

Home-based businesses (HB 403)

This bill poses the most immediate threat to Floridians’ quality of life by blocking cities and counties from sensibly enforcing local zoning laws to control home-based businesses. Possibly coming to a street near you: boat repairs, scooter rentals and car stereo installations. (Hey, turn it up!)

If that won’t justify a veto, try this: It passed the Senate 19-18, with three senators present but not voting, a violation of Senate rules. One of the three was Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book, D-Plantation, who told us she was distracted talking to a colleague and the electronic voting system closed too fast. Sen. Gary Farmer, D-Lighthouse Point, called for a re-vote, but Senate President Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, said Farmer’s point of order came too late.

If any one of the nonvoting three had voted no, this awful bill would not have passed. Only DeSantis’ pen can stop this abomination.


Read the  full article here .

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