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About SaveNeighborhoods

We are a group of neighborhood volunteers concerned about the effects of unregulated Daily Vacation Rentals in Florida. Our coalition of friends, family and neighbors came together to defeat Vacation Rental zoning changes in Brevard County in November and December 2020. 

We are not anti-Vacation Rentals. Some of our volunteers own and operate legal Vacation Rentals. But we are against HB 219 and SB 522, which would allow unregulated Daily Vacation Rentals to take over quiet, family neighborhoods across the state of Florida.

Public records show many Florida counties have an abysmal compliance rate with current Vacation Rental licensure, tax, and regulatory requirements. In many areas of Florida, nearly 50% of Daily Vacation Rental Properties are owned by out-of-area addresses and many are owned by corporations outside our state.

Neighborhoods are for neighbors. Neighbors pay taxes to support our communities. Out-of-state owners and corporations are currently cheating the system – and HB 219 and SB 522 will only make things worse. Please read the proposed bills here and our talking points if you would like to know more about this issue.

We, the taxpaying property owners and long-term renters in Florida, hope you will join us in contacting our State Legislature to say NO to HB 219 and SB 522. Together, we can Save Florida Neighborhoods by stopping the spread of unregulated Daily Vacation Rentals!

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    A coalition of volunteers working to save Florida’s neighborhoods and communities. 

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