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Ask DeSantis to Veto HB 403

HB 403, the Home-Based Business bill, was rammed through the Florida House on the last day of session without adequate protections for the property rights of Florida homeowners. 

On the last day of session, the Florida House stripped out compromises – regarding traffic, noise, pollution, parking and more – that would have protected Florida’s residential neighborhoods. (see list of changes) The Senate then requested that the House return the bill back to the Senate. The House failed to do so. Instead the bill is going to DeSantis for signing. If signed by Governor DeSantis, HB 403 will allow commercial businesses to move into the home next door. (Read the bill)

Do you want a funeral home, a repair yard, a massage parlor, or a 24-hour gym operating in the home next to you?

  • HB 403 violates the Home Rule authority granted by our Florida constitution. 
  • HB 403 threatens the tranquility of our residential neighborhoods.
  • HB 403 threatens the property rights of Florida homeowners.
  • HB 403 is a solution to a problem that does NOT exist.
  • The amended HB 403 was passed by the Florida House without Senate review or support.
  • By taking away local control, HB 403 puts the future of your neighborhood, your street, and your residential property in the hands of bureaucrats in Tallahassee.


Please contact Governor DeSantis

Kindly ask him to oppose HB 403, which does not protect the residential nature of Florida’s neighborhoods!

Email Governor DeSantis*

Click on the link below to send a personal email to Governor DeSantis urging him to veto HB 403. If for any reason the link doesn't work, please email:

Call Governor DeSantis

Reinforcing your email message with a call to Governor DeSantis at (850) 717-9337 is also a big help! Your time and efforts are much appreciated!

* Please change the sample email text to personalize your email to Governor DeSantis. Be sure to add your name and home address (street and city) at the end of your email. Emails without this information may not be counted. 

Thank you for helping protect neighborhoods throughout Florida!

A coalition of volunteers working to save Florida’s neighborhoods and communities. 

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