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What's Happening?

The 2021 Florida State Legislative session has ended. The Vacation Rental bills (SB 522 and HB 219) were not passed. But there are many other pending bills that will affect neighborhoods in our state.

The following bills are awaiting signature from Governor DeSantis:

The following bills will remove regulation on development and lower quality of life in Florida neighborhoods. Our friends at 1000 Friends of Florida have created a petition to ask Governor DeSantis to veto the following bills: 

  • HB 337 – Instead of developers paying fees, Florida residents will pay even more of the costs associated with new development through raised taxes, declining roads, parks, and other public infrastructure.
  • HB 421 & HB 1101 – These bills will result in reduced protection for natural lands and waters, a lower quality of life, and higher taxes for Florida residents due to local governments being required to pay large settlements for numerous legal challenges.
  • HB 487 – Florida residents will no longer be able to easily raise questions about environmental, transportation and other impacts of proposed new development without filing a legal challenge.

Please help protect Florida’s residential neighborhoods by asking Governor DeSantis to veto these bills.

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